Strings and Characters in Swift

A Swift string is a series of characters. String is its own type in Swift, not simply an array of characters as it is in C. Further, strings may contain or be composed entirely of Unicode characters, so the length of each character may vary. Swift string literals are enclosed in double quotes: “Hello, Frog!” […]

Strings and Characters

Swift Integer Types

The concept of variables and constants is common in programming languages: a variable is a named memory location whose value may change over time, a constant is a location whose value will not change. In Swift, we declare variables using the keyword var, and constants using the keyword let.

Are you typing along in […]

Swift Integer Types

Functions in Swift 2

Functions are reusable pieces of code that perform a specific task. They take input, do something with it, and either change some value, print something out, or output a result. Swift’s functions are like functions in any other programming language in this way, so if you’re familiar with functions in C or another language, much […]

Swift Arrays

The following is an excerpt from a book I’m writing on iOS 9 development.    An array is a collection of elements, all of the same type, each of which has an index. Elements in an array are therefore ordered by their indices. If we’re collecting frogs (oh, no, not more frogs… please…), we might organize […]

Swift Arrays

Android Studio Introduction

  Starting with the Android, android is a mobile operating system initially developed by android Inc. It was bought by Google in the year 2005. It is based on a modified version of Linux kernel. It includes following versions till date as shown in the figure:   Reading from top to bottom Android 5.0 Lollipop […]


Services – An Android Component

As an android developer you must have know the major components of android in very detailed manner. If not don’t worry!!   Today I am writing here to help you guys to get through one of the major component of Android i.e. “Service”. If you are a beginner you would probably think why we would […]

android component

Applying MediaCodec On An Open Source Android Audio Player

OpenMax (in short OMX) is a royalty free, non-proprietary, and a cross platform set of routines. It targets the interfaces of multimedia processing. This was designed with efficiency that makes large quantities of multimedia data to be processed in a controlled and optimised manner which includes video and audio codecs, graphics and so on. This […]


5 Most Used Android Testing Frameworks

As time goes by, Google’s Android environment continues to grow. As we can observe, new mobile OEMs are being launched in different locations on the globe, with different screen sizes, chipsets, ROM/Firmwares, etc. It’s getting harder for the Android developers to adapt with this fragmentation. Android and iOS developers are fortunate to have limitless access […]

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