Android Language Highlights A Developers Perspective

Although Web applications are important and widely used these days, but there are several reasons why native applications are sometimes preferable for mobile apps.   You can use graphics and UI controls that are not available in browsers. You can customize the apps for small screen sizes. You can use resources (location, address book, phone, […]

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Learn How to Position the Toast Message

Today in this tutorial, we will discuss about how to position the toast message in Android applications. Although I assume you must know what is Toast in android, but for beginners, I will define it in brief. A toast is the simple popup message which provides simple feedback about an operation. By default it is displayed […]


Flip Your Views (Image, Button,Text, etc.)

Flipping a view makes a nice effect on your game or app. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find a good implementation on the internet that explains exactly what you want. But today I will show you how to make the two views flip together. It will explain you how to flip a view when user clicks on it. […]


Extracting Colors In Android 5.0 – “The Palette API”

Before the new update of Palette’s API in android 5.0 developers were allowed to extract colors from images. Now with the release of Android Lollipop, the Palette class makes easy to extract prominent colors from bitmap images. These colors are very useful if you want to style other view components to match colors from your image, […]


Animations In Android KitKat

With the introduction of Android KitKat, Google has brought a number of new additions to Android. In this tutorial I will focus on one of those additions i.e. transition framework. Time by time with the new versions of android it brings new improved animation tools for developers. Animations Added in Honeycomb come with very good and easy API for creating […]


Storage Access Framework

Storage Access Framework (SAF) was introduced with the release of Android 4.4 (API level 19). However the new selector UI provides the user an easy way to access files stored on their device and in the cloud , it doesn’t necessarily give developers the same ease of use. I am writing this tutorial by digging up the […]


Step Counter App With Android KitKat 4.4

Today I will write a simple app for you that utilizes the step counter. This is a sample app same like the pedometer app which will register the sensor events when it starts, and update the UI with the latest step count whenever a new event is detected by the app. The code will specify SensorManager.SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL as the update […]


Curried Functions In SWIFT

Currying can be a difficult concept to grasp. Let’s start with a simple example.  

  That’s easy and straightforward sum function. If we just look at type of function sum, we can see that it has a type of (Int, Int) -> Int. So it takes 2 parameters of the type Int, and […]


Implementing ListView With Search

Today I will be going to explain how to add search functionality in list view. The android ListView contains many features that make ListView a powerful tool. Let’s see the steps on how to perform search operation on Array and redraw the ListView. Step 1) Create a new project in android IDE. Write the following code […]


Android Components – The Activity

This blog post will give you an introduction to Android Application Components and detailed description on one of the component i.e. Activity Basically we have five major components that are used to build an application in android. These components are defined as Objects in Android SDK with some methods which can be used by an […]