Creating ListView With Sections

ListView is very powerful and important widget in android. Since now I have posted many blogs on list view and we have already know how to create a ListView with BaseAdapter and how to create a custom list view etc. Check my post Custom ListView in a Dialog in android and Creating ListView for more details.

Now in above cases if you want to make your list with a header to make it more user friendly and interactive its a bit difficult. Same as these two cases in the post I wrote earlier there may be many other cases where we want our ListView more fancy and interactive but seems not possible.

So to create the ListView with section we need to create various xml as per our requirement such as:

1.) Header
2.) ListRow
3.) Activity with listview
4.) and its adapter

Follow the steps shown in the tutorial below to create a Listview with Section Headers.

Step1: Create a project in Android studio.

Step2: Create and write below into section1.xml inside res/layout folder:



Step3: Create and write below into section2.xml inside res/layout folder:



Step4: Write following into your activity:




Step5: Run for the Output:

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