Implementing ListView With Search

Today I will be going to explain how to add search functionality in list view. The android ListView contains many features that make ListView a powerful tool.

Let’s see the steps on how to perform search operation on Array and redraw the ListView.

Step 1) Create a new project in android IDE.

Write the following code into your User interface i.e. main activity layout file:




Step 2) Create One BaseAdapter to bind Data witha ListView





Step 3) Now write the Search Logic inside your activity





Step4) Write following into item_one.xml:








Hope this tutorial helped you in your coding and you have a good coding experience.

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karthi says June 24, 2015

Good Afternoon, have a nice day.
As i am developing a shopping cart application using android i have some doubts how to use back end mysql, using my website or API
can you please send me the shopping cart source it is possible?

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