View Pager Example In Android Development

View Pager Example in Android Development

This example shows how you can create an image pager in android.


1.) Create a new project by File-> New -> Android Project name it ViewPagerExample.

2.) Write following into main.xml:




3.) Create and write following into res/layout/details.xml:




4.) Create and write following into res/layout/details.xml:




5.) Create and Write following into src/




6.) Create and Write following into src/




7.) Run for output.


1.) Create a project named ViewPagerExample and set the information as stated in the image.

Build Target: Android 4.0
Application Name: ViewPagerExample
Package Name: com. example. ViewPagerExample
Activity Name: ViewPagerExample
Min SDK Version: 8

2.) Open file and write following code there:




3.) Compile and build the project.


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  1. Hello, thank you very much for the tutorial to add the buttons on each fragment you may use:
    public class DetailFragment extends Fragment {

  2. THANK YOU!!!
    Your Tutorial is so great!
    I didn’t understand it for years of development!!!
    THANKS for sharing this simple tutorial with us!
    You are the best, love you!!

    Thank you, again! I am so happy now!

  3. This is very good, however when I change the orientation of my phone the app crashes. Anyone have any ideas why? Here is the logcat:

    12-24 21:09:30.411: D/dalvikvm(18639): newInstance failed: no ()
    12-24 21:09:30.421: D/AndroidRuntime(18639): Shutting down VM
    12-24 21:09:30.421: W/dalvikvm(18639): threadid=1: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x40028a00)
    12-24 21:09:30.451: E/AndroidRuntime(18639): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
    12-24 21:09:30.451: E/AndroidRuntime(18639): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.example.viewpagerexample/com.example.viewpagerexample.ViewPagerExample}:$InstantiationException: Unable to instantiate fragment com.jacoblever.view.pager.example.MenuFragment: make sure class name exists, is public, and has an empty constructor that is public


  4. Hi,
    If i create i listview in one of the fragment and I want to refresh the listView after the fragment is created. how do i can do this. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks Sushant, for your sample.
    It didn’t work at first but I managed to get it working.
    I also included an image to replace that drawable.thumb I couldn’t find

    For anyone asking for the complete source, here follows:

    I have this sample which is almost everything I want to do but lacks zoom:

    And I also have this great sample which has pinch-zoom:

    Now modified by me with a double tap listener zooming to image at 100%:
    offtopic: The girl in the photo included in this sample is my neighbour 🙂

    Now what I would like to do is either put the ImageViewTouch on a Pageviewer like the sample explained on this page so a user can swipe the image to see the next photo keeping the zooming capabilites, or use the first sample from Google but with zooming.

    Could anyone give a little help here?

    Thank you so much 🙂
    Ricardo Santos

  6. Hey , thanks for this. I have 2 problem, hope you can help. I want the pager to go from left to right(not sure how to do that) and when the screen orientation changes it closes out the page. Can you please help me with these 2 issue. Thanks in advance

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