Wallpaper Example In Android Programming

Wallpaper Example in Android Programming

This example explains how to set wallpaper programmatically for home screen in android.


1.) Create a new project by File-> New -> Android Project name it WallpaperExample.

2.) Write following into main.xml:




3.) Set following permission to you manifest file:

[code lang=”xml”]


4.) Run for output.


1.) Create a project named WallpaperExample and set the information as stated in the image.

Build Target: Android 4.0
Application Name: WallpaperExample
Package Name: com. example. WallpaperExample
Activity Name: WallpaperExample
Min SDK Version: 14

2.) Open WallpaperExample.java file and write following code there:




3.) Compile and build the project.


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  1. hi can u explain d above code with each step i an not unable to understand ,,if i build target in android 2.3.3 it will work or not,,help me out?

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