ImageLoad From Server in iPhone

ImageLoad from Server in iPhone

In this application we will see how to image fetch from the server and place it to the view. I will show you the easiest way for image fetch from server. So let see how it will work.

Step 1: Open the Xcode, Create a new project using Window base application. Give the application “imageLoad”.

Step 2: Xcode automatically creates the directory structure and adds essential frameworks to it. You can explore the directory structure to check out the content of the directory.

Step 3: We need to add one ViewController class in the project. So select the project -> New File -> Cocoa Touch ->ViewController class and give the class name “ImageLoadFromServer”.

Step 4: Open the ImageLoadAppDelegate.h file, we need to define ImageLoadFromServer class and create an instance of ImageLoadFromServer class. So make the following changes in the file.




Step 5: Now make the following changes in the ImageLoadAppDelegate.m file.




Step 6:  Open the ImageLoadFromServer.h file and create an instance of UIImageView. So make the following changes in the file:




Step 7: In the ImageLoadFromServer.m file make the following changes:




Step 8: Now compile and run the application in the Simulator.

You can Download SourceCode from here ImageLoad

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  1. J Alex Antony Vijay


    I am having few doubts. Could you explain is there any other way to load images from server ?
    Because if I am loading more than 5 images from server, it will take more time to make it as UIImage. Just try like; Load more than 5 images and display it in the UITableView.

    What I am doing is; I am making a request to web service, then I will get list of images URL. After that I will make all the images like “UIImage”, then I am displaying in the UITableView.

    Actually we can use UIWebView instead of UIImageView to display the Images. But the issue is; When we are using the Thread in the current controller, we will get error.

    If you have some knowledge please share with us.


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