Moving Rectangle In iPhone

In this application we will see how to Rectangle moving in the application . We are using here CoreGraphics.framework , for animation behavior. So  just have a look.

Step 1: Create a Window base application using template. Give the application name “ChangeRect”.

Step 2: Xcode automatically creates the directory structure and adds essential frameworks to it. You can explore the directory structure to check out the content of the directory.

Step 3: We need to add here UIView class to the project.Choose New file -> Select cocoa touch classes group and then select UIView subclass . Give the name “CreateRectView”.

Step 4: open the AppDelegate.m file, we create a background and set the gray background color and make two different rectangle with different color. So make the following changes in the file:




Step 5: In the ChangeRectView.h file, we define two methods. Make the following changes in the file:




Step 6: Now open the ChangeRectView.m file and make the changes:




Step 7: In the main.m file, we need to provide the name of the AppDelegate class as a argument here. So make the following changes in the file:




Step 8: Now compile and run the application in the simulator.

You can downloaded SourceCode from here ChangeRect 2