TabBar Application In iPhone Programming

A Tabbed Application from Scratch for iPhone

 This application will show the basic using of UITabBar and UITabBarItem.

Step 1: Create a new project using Xcode using Tab Bar Application .

Step 2: Double click your MainWindow.xib and open it to Interface Builder. Click on the view window and bring up attributes inspector, change the background color yellow. Now connect the File’s Owner to the Tab Bar Application , select delegate. Connect Tab Bar Application to the Tab Bar Controller, Tab Bar Application to the window. (See figure 1)

Figure 1: MainWindow.xib

Step 3: Now double click the SecondView.xib open it to interface builder. Click the view window and bring up attributes inspector and change the background color Purple. Connect the File’s Owner icon to the View icon. (See the figure below)

Figure 2: SecondView.xib

Step 4: Compile the your application and run it on the simulator. (See figure below)

Figure 3: FirstView in Simulator.

You can downloaded SourceCode from here TabBarApplication 2

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  1. Hi, how can we implement home button in tab panel, so that if user click on home button in tab panel it should take the user to the mother view which doesn’t have any tab panel .

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