The Official Android Remote Control Namely KORE



Once again a new fully working Android remote was released. This remote was started by a developer, Synced Synapse. Kodi Team liked the the simplicity, design and most of all, the fact that it is open source. He was then recruited to join the Kodi team and here it goes, the new remote is finally out. This controls your Kodi installs.

Kore is available on Google Play. Here’s the link:

Requirements to be able to install Kore on your device:


  • Your device should be either a Phone or Tablet
  • Your device should be running on Android 4.0.3


Using Kore, you will be able to do the following:

  • Got a bunch of colour themes.
  • You can have a control over your media center using this easy to use remote.
  • You can manage your current playlist (includes adding some music and checking over it).
  • You can change, sync or download some subtitles.
  • You can switch to your desired audio streams.
  • You can switch over between windows or full screen playback.
  • You can view details about your movies, music, TV shows and add-ons on your media library.
  • There is a direct link to a significant IMDb website to get more information.
  • You can clean and update your Library for maintenance.
  • There are power controls that is supported by your selected devices such as Wake-on-LAN.
  • You can send some Youtube videos to your chosen media center.
  • Playback and Volume controls are available (the usual).
  • You’ll be able to see what’s currently on play, which includes significant information (e.g movies, TV shows, music, pictures and add-ons).


Features that are not yet available but will be added in the future versions:

  • Personal Video Recorder Controls.
  • Scanning through your smartplaylists.

Will work with the following:

  • Kodi 14.x “Helix” and 15.x “Isengard”.
  • XBMC 12.x “Frodo” and 13.x Gotham.


Supports the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Bulgarian
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)


In the future releases, more languages will be added.














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