An Average of 10 Apps Downloaded Per Month by iPhone and Android Users

iPhone and Android users are downloading approximately ten new apps every month, according to mobile ad network AdMob’s latest Mobile Metrics Report for July 2009.

However, surprisingly owners of Apple’s iPod touch, are downloading an average of 18 apps per month – beating iPhone and Android users. Meanwhile, users who regularly download paid apps are spending around $9 a month on five paid downloads.

The report goes on to say that more than half of iPhone and Android users spend 30 minutes plus, a day using apps on their devices. Also,  more than 90% browse and search for apps on their devices – which is not very surprising for Android, because it does not yet have an associated web-store.

AdMob’s report also goes on to compare the different smartphone platforms in terms of usage of its ad network. In July, iPhone accounted for 60%, followed by BlackBerry handsets with 13%, and Android devices with 12%.

You may read and download the full detailed report here and here.

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