How To Execute HelloWorld Program In iPhone?

There are many way to write “Hello World” program in iphone. But we’ll show you how to work with Interface Builder. This is a very simple example. Just try it.

Step 1:  Open  Xcode and Creating a new View-Based Application.  Do this by clicking on
File > New Project. Make sure that Application is highlighted under iPhone OS and selectView-Based Application. Name this project HelloWorld.

Figure 1:  Setting for your project.

Step 2: Double click the Hello_WorldViewController.xib. This will open that file in interface Builder. Select Label in the Library, and drag it to the view window.Let’s edit the Label, double click the label you just created and type the text Hello World.  Then Save and go back to Xcode .

Figure 2:  Adding a Label to your application’s View window

Step 3:  Go ahead and click Build and Go again to launch the iPhone Simulator. Your screens should look something like this:

You can downloaded SourceCode from here HelloWorld 2

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Kades asmat says January 31, 2010

Where can i get interface builder for windows? Have a link?

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