iPad Development – Online Training Course

EDUmobile has recently launched the iPad Development Tutorials as part of the professional iPhone Course Module. The following topics are covered –

View Controller: View controllers are a crucial piece of infrastructure for managing and presenting the user interface of your iPad application.

Event Handling: The Multi-Touch technology is fundamental to both iPhone and iPad applications.

Graphics and Multimedia: The graphics and media technologies you use in your iPhone applications are also available to iPad applications. This includes native 2D drawing technologies such as Core Graphics, UIKit, and Core Animation.

Custom Text Processing and Input: In iPad applications can have many features such as custom text layout, font management, autocorrection, custom keyboards, spell-checking, selection-based modification, and multistage input. iPhone OS 3.2 includes several technologies that make these features realizable.

UI Element: We used UI element in our application,i.e status bar, navigation bar, tab bar, toolbar and views that all are specifically defined in an application.

Status Bar: The status bar appears at the upper edge of the device screen and contains all information user need,i.e network connection, battery charges and time of day.

Navigation Bar: Navigation bar appears at the upper edge of the an application view.

Content View: The iPhone OS introduces two new views to manage content. Two views are Popover and another one is Split view.

Popover View: Popover is a transient view that can be revealed when people tap a control or an onscreen area.

Split View: Split views are not available in the iPhone application. But you can used this new views in the iPad application.

Text View: In the iPad application you can use your own fonts.

You will learn how to create an iPad application from scratch on the iPad SDK and learn how to use the concepts from iPhone to program for the iPad.

Get a birds-eye-view on the basic similarities between the two devices and the relative differences between them. See how you can make your Apps compatible so they run across the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Learn more about the iPad Development Course here.

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