Latest 10 iPhone Apps That Are Making Tons Of Money!

Here are 10 apps that are making tons of money for their publishers and creators. There are some that have come from garage run two man teams which is very encouraging for all you indie developers out there! Don’t lose hope, even if your app did not make it… your next app could be the million dollar release! 🙂

  1. Pizza Hut
    • Nearly 1m downloads in three months
    • Generated $1m of sales
    • Drove registrations for main website
  2. Paper Toss
    • 10m+ downloads
    • $125k in monthly ad revenues
    • Helped sell $1.25m of paid apps
  3. Wall Street Journal
    • Launch app for iPad
    • 64k active users in first month
    • $17.99 monthly subscription
    • News Corp keeps the lot
  4. Pandora Radio
    • Adding 30k users a day just from the iPhone – half its new users from mobile
    • 25% of its traffic comes from iPhone
    • $40m of revenues in 2009, and first profitable quarter in Q4 2009
  5. Doodle Jump
    • 4m downloads since launch in Mar-09
    • 80k downloads on Christmas Day alone
    • $0.99 price equals $2.8m for two-man team Lima Sky
    • Now a $3.99 Android game
  6. RedLaser
    • 2m downloads since launch in May-09
    • 950k active in the last month
    • At $1.99 price point equals $2-2.5 million of revenues
    • 50m barcodes scanned
  7. Flight Control
    • 2m downloads since Mar-09
    • At $0.99 equals $1.4m of revenues
    • Now a $4.99 iPad game, and also a DSiWare title
  8. Shazam
    • 75m registered users – 25m added in last six months
    • 1bn songs tagged so far
    • Fuelling 260k track purchases every day – 6.3% of global total
    • Mixture of revenue streams: ads and affiliate fees
  9. Tap Tap Revenge
    • More than 30m downloads
    • $1m of revenues a month
    • Sold 1m songs in first month of in-game store, and 100k Ke$ha tracks in two weeks
    • Premium spin-offs: Lady Gaga, Nirvana, Coldplay etc
    • Also ads, virtual items…
  10. eBay
    • $600m of sales volume through mobile in 2009
    • Predicts $1.5bn in 2010
    • 1.5m items bought through eBay Mobile at Christmas
    • 6m iPhone downloads by Dec-09

Honourable Mentions…

  • Apple – $5.45bn from iPhone hardware in Q1
  • AdMob – being bought for $750m
  • EA Mobile – $212m in its last fiscal year
  • Gameloft – $25m from iPhone alone in 2009
  • Recent funding for Booyah ($20m), Ground Truth $7m), ngmoco ($25m), TuneWiki (7m), SMS GupShup ($12m), Flurry ($7m)…

Lessons from the 10

  • Your app has to be excellent
  • Word of mouth is very important
  • Mix and match your revenue streams
  • Free often spawns premium apps
  • Help people buy stuff in the real world
  • Free apps are great for cross-promotion

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