Price Drops Work Wonders On App Store For Some (Atleast for EA)

Dropping your Apps’ price tag may just give you the boost in downloads and sales that you are looking for. Some publishers (specially EA Mobile) have experienced a high surge in downloads, sales and rank numbers of their games by dropping the prices.

The price of big licences such as Need of Speed Undercover, Wolfenstein RPG and The Sims 3 was cut by $2 last week, reducing the average cost of the company’s portfolio from $5.08 last week to $4.45 this week.

As a result – Wolfenstein RPG was up 33 places to #15, The Sims 3 was up 23 places to #33, and Need for Speed Undercover was up 30 places to #37.

EA Mobile has clearly been learning the lessons of iPhone’s App Store. Research from shows how last week, three of its big games vaulted up the App Store chart after having their prices cut by $2. You may read the full report here.

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