Researching Your Competition

Lets face it. We all have great App ideas that we think will make us rich overnight… only to find out a few days later that its already been done. And when this happens – its not very encouraging. However, the other side of the coin is that a simple obvious idea may not have been developed as yet. So there still may be potential. But how do you find out quickly if your idea is already a case of the “been-there done-that” situation ?

Answer: You need to do online research on the various iPhone apps resource sites. Below are the top areas you need to focus on and their respective sites. They will help you get your homework / research done comprehensively and quickly.

App Directories

New App directories keep springing up all over the web. These are a select few. They will help you search for competing Apps not just in one country at a time, like on the App store, but across all continents at the same time.

Sites That Give App Rankings

These will help you guage how well other Apps are doing. What is their position on the App Store chars? Do they list on top of specific categories only or in the general category also? Do they perform better is some countries?

Getting Performance Statistics Your App

Here are a few App analytics services that help you track rankings and perofrmance of your own Apps.

App Review Sites

You must read up on what others are saying about your competitors products online. Get to know the strong points and identify the weak points to take advantage of and implement correctly within your own App. Here are the top App review sites –

Other sites that have review sections within them

This is list is a small extract from Dave Wooldridge’s fantastic book The Business of iPhone App Development, that was reviewed by me earlier at the link. If you are serious about making money with your iPhone App, this is an absolute must read.

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