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How To Play Sounds In iPhone ?

The iphone media player is very easy to use.


How To Use Picker In iPhone?

We are using UIDatePicker in our app. So you have to use UIDatePicker you will need to implement the UIPickerViewDelegate delegate and then add a UIPicker to your subview.


Price Drops Work Wonders On App Store For Some (Atleast for EA)

Dropping your Apps’ price tag may just give you the boost in downloads and sales that you are looking for. Some publishers (specially EA Mobile) have experienced a high surge in downloads, sales and rank numbers of their games by dropping the prices.


An Average of 10 Apps Downloaded Per Month by iPhone and Android Users

iPhone and Android users are downloading approximately ten new apps every month, according to mobile ad network AdMob’s latest Mobile Metrics Report for July 2009. However, surprisingly owners of Apple’s iPod touch, are downloading an average of 18 apps per month – beating iPhone and Android users. Meanwhile, users who regularly download paid apps are spending


VCs Continue To Invest More And More In iPhone Startups

A recent study and data by the folks at Chubbybrain shows that VCs have invested over $100 million into companies and startups working in the iPhone space. 17 companies formed part of th study and some interesting stats are shown below. The study limited the scope of this study to startups whose core functionality and […]

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