10 Best Websites for Free Web Development Code Snippets

Web design and development can be an extremely long process. Having websites and resources to turn to when you start developing a new website can help shorten the process immensely.

There are thousands of websites web developers use to buy code, plugins, and other tools.

While these websites may have exactly what you need, sometimes they can be expensive.

Thankfully, there are plenty of developers out there doing the Lord’s work and offer free code snippets, plugins, and other resources to make our lives easier.


The websites we intend on discussing include:

  • Codyhouse
  • Codepen
  • Codrops
  • Hakim El Hattab
  • Code My UI
  • Freebiesbug
  • jQuery Rain
  • Blivesta
  • CSSDeck
  • CSS-Tricks


How will free HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or jQuery, or my team, develop websites?

Having a list of websites to refer to when building a website is extremely important.

We often refer to these website for not only free code, but at times for web design and/or development inspiration.

Suppose you prefer writing you own CSS, but need help coding JavaScript, our list of the 10 Best Websites for Free Code Snippets & Resources gives you a detailed list of websites to help make your web design and development process easier.

If you are new to web development, the list will also help you learn different aspects of coding

How to find the best websites offering free code snippets and resources

Most Google search results for terms like “free CSS snippets” are websites with a few examples or link to extremely out-of-date websites or posts.

While these websites may have some of the answers you are looking for, our list offers everything you need.

We have a long list of websites we refer to when we design and develop websites.

The list below are the websites we have found to be most helpful and up-to-date.


Free website code snippets

CodyHouse is one of our favorite websites to go to for free website code.

CodyHouse not only provides a library of free resources, they also offer classes for things like JavaScript and jQuery.

CodyHouse updates their library about once a month with a new project.

The project includes an article with information and a free download button.

The free code for their projects are some of the most unique website elements you will find for free online.

Their library includes things like free SVG sliders, free animated page transitions, free navigation styles and animations, and much more.

Unlike most similar websites, their library of free HTML, CSS, and JS snippets are about as unique and professionally done as you will find on both free and paid websites.


Best websites for free development code

CodePen is one of the most popular websites for front-end web development code.

CodePen allows you to search through tens of thousands of “Pens” users have published.

Here you can find just about any front-end HTML, CSS, and JS code you need for to inspire your web design or acquire the code you need to develop a specific element.

You can also create a user profile to test your own code using HTML, CSS, and JS.


free css code for websites

Codrops is another popular resource for front-end design and development.

Codrops usually submit 5-6 new tutorials per month.

Their free code resources, much like CodyHouse, include an article describing their, a live demo, and a download button containing the files.

They offer free CSS snippets, interactive website elements, navigation styles, and even free icon packages.


Free front end development code

Hakim El Hattab is a front end developer based in Sweden.

While he does not update his repository of free front end development code as often as the other on this list, his projects can be worth the wait.

Hakim’s library includes things like free scrolling effects code, a wide variety of free JavaScript elemnts, free page loading effects and much more.


free website animation code resources

If you lack common sense you may not know that Code My UI helps you code your user interface.

Code My UI adds new web design snippets almost every day.

They provide a very broad variety of free coding resources and their code snippets or resources as well.

Code My UI provides instructions and inspiration for things like text animation, scroll effects, button hover animations and more.


Free web development code resources

Freebiesbug is a unversial resource shop for creatives.

Along with free coding resources, they also provide free icons, PSD templates, UI kits and other creative and design resources.

Their free front end code includes free JavaScript effects, free JavaScript plugins, free UI elements, and even free HTML templates.

Their wide range of free developer resources is constantly updated with unique content.


free jquery development resources

jQuery Rain focuses on development for jQuery-based elements… Obviously.

jQuery Rain updates their library almost every day. Their free jQuery development library is extremely large and covers just about every area of animation and user interface elements.

They provide free code for things like jQuery sliders, menus, animations, and much more.

Aside from just jQuery and JavaScript inspiration and resources, they also provide a library for PHP, HTML5, SVG, and CSS.


best websites with free development code resources

From what the in-depth description on the website says, Blivesta is a designer based in Tokyo.

While his introduction may not be very exciting, his work definitely is.

His library of free web development and user interface code features some of the most impressive work available for download.

Blivesta’s website provides link to the functioning project as well as a link to their GitHub pages with the files needed to add them to your website. Most of his projects are for more experienced developers.

One of my favorite projects he has developed is Animistion, a jQuery and CSS-built page transition plugin.

Some of the other projects available for download on the site include free animated SVG icons, free JavaScript hover animations, and free slide-in menu animations.


free css demos

CSSDeck offers more basic CSS snippets for front end development.

CSSDeck is good for new developers or developers looking to to shorten time by using pre-developed code.

Their CSS resources include demos and inspiration with all a playground for users to edit the HTML, CSS, and JS with live updates.


best free css snippets

CSS-Tricks is a web design blog focusing primarily on CSS and front end development.

Within their website is a “Snippets” section containing free CSS snippets for website elements that range anywhere from extremely simple to advanced.

CSS-Tricks’ library of code also provides snippets for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, and more.

Along with their free demos, they also have a great web design and development blog that acts as a great resource for all web developers.


We are in the progress of creating our own lab within DELT Magazine.

The labs will include free code snippets for things like CSS styling, jQuery animations, and much more.

We will update our library several times a year and each project will contain free code for users to use in their website.

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Special Thanks to Matt McKenna for this post


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